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Category: Publications

Mountain Dog Media is Ad-free!

The post discusses why Mountain Dog Media has removed Google Ads, citing improved user experience, site performance, and ethical concerns. Despite the reduced revenue, the author finds the benefits, including happier visitors and creative freedom, outweigh the downsides. Alternate monetization strategies like affiliate marketing, direct sales, and memberships are explored as viable options.

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Jumpstart Your Short Story Series: The First 5 Essential Steps

To write a successful short story series, start with a core concept, encompassing genre, theme, setting, and characters. Outline the series arc, considering linked elements and overarching character development. Craft a contained but intriguing first story, focus on a few characters, and draft without seeking perfection. Read acclaimed authors’ works for inspiration and begin with a single short story to hone your skills. The journey is both imaginative and enjoyable.

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AI Assistants: Your New Best Friend for Content Creation

In the evolving publishing industry, the shift from print to digital has been significant, with AI now aiding content creation. Demonstrating Google’s Gemini Advanced, the author highlights the tool’s value in research, brainstorming, and editing without threatening human creativity. Effective prompt engineering is crucial for AI’s success, ensuring accuracy and aiding, not replacing, human writers.

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Ready, Set, Write! How to Lay the Groundwork for Your Novel

Writing a novel involves several steps, including garnering inspiration, shaping your narrative, organizing thoughts, researching, and remaining passionate. This guide outlines essential techniques: capturing ideas, developing characters, building worlds, plotting, and authenticating details. Embrace the unique journey, tailor the process to personal style, and engage with a writing community for support. The end goal is to create a cohesive, compelling story.

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