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Wranglin’ Red Tape with Rover by My Side: A Ruff Talk Exclusive

JW recounts his comedic struggle with the Texas Secretary of State's corporate division, comparing it to wrangling alligators. Awaiting sluggish government processes alongside his dog Meathead, JW emphasizes finding humor in red tape and the unity amongst entrepreneurs facing similar frustrations. His advice: patience, laughter, and solidarity.

You Yolking? A Hilarious History of the Humble Boiled Egg (Plus Grandma’s Secret Weapon!)

JW from Mountain Dog Pack explores the colorful history of boiled eggs, detailing their global presence since 7000 BC and regional twists like Scotland’s mahogany hue eggs and Morocco’s spiced versions. He debunks peeling myths, advocating a tapping method and a touch of baking soda in boiling water for easy peeling. JW infuses humor and invites egg-centric anecdotes from the community.

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A Slice of History on Your Plate: The Untold Story of Cornbread

JW from Mountain Dog Media takes us from the trail to the kitchen to explore the rich history of cornbread. Originating from Native American maize dishes, cornbread evolved through colonial adaptations and regional Southern twists, incorporating ingredients like buttermilk and sugar. Mountain Dog Media shares their unique polenta-based cornbread recipe, celebrating this culinary legacy and its role in culture and community. Bake it in a cast-iron skillet to enjoy a piece of tradition with a crunch that echoes the mountainous landscape.

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Meathead Makes a Choice: Tacos or Terror at Badu Park

JW recounts a day out at Badu Park with Meathead, his sociable yet easily distracted Bernese Mountain Dog. Despite their agreement on squirrels, Meathead nearly gives chase until JW distracts him with a tantalizing taco. Their picnic concludes peacefully with Meathead asleep, and JW humorously advises using tacos to divert canine attention from squirrels.

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