I am starting off the Mountain Dog Media blog in the same way as the YouTube channel.   I want to create quality content that has value for you, whether it’s educational, informational or something else.    I need you to find it entertaining, uplifting, and hopefully – at some point – funny.    So, this is post number one on the blog.    It’s a way to introduce you to this concept – where I want to write about the video that I just uploaded, which then also serves as the source for my podcast audio.   

Today, I am sharing am intro video that I made for my netcast.   It’s simple – yet I hope that it shows you my creative urge — I love to travel, I love capturing images and video, and I love the creative process.     

As stated, I want to produce high-quality videos that have value.  If I do my job well, then it’s my hope that you’ll find and subscribe to my YouTube channel and watch my videos.  Once you do this, then Google will eventually reward me with a revenue-sharing check.   I’m going to take that check and help my wife.   It’s my intent to show you how I spend that check, since you’re a quasi-investor with your time watching my videos.   Basically, I want to help you so you can help me so I can help my wife.   If nothing else, I will know that I’ve helped you.

So, here is my first video.  I hope you enjoy seeing some of the places where my wife and me have visited before her current condition.