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Remove the Top of the Antec 900 Case

  1. Power down, turn off and detach power to all components attached to the case (I.E. PSU, and such)
  2. Proceed to take side panels off (Only the main side is needed but case is easier to handle on the bench)
  3. Proceed to unscrew 2 screws (Marked in Yellow in photo) located inside on the top at the center of the Upper Case (usually visible, but hard to find at first look if the case if full of components)
  4. Then, push all 4 retaining clips through, very little pressure is needed on these clips (AKA don’t break them)
  5. Give a little tug for upper retaining clips to release (*BE CAREFUL* | CABLES are still attached to internal components and case)
  6. Do a 90 degree rotation of upper panel so the fan is accessible.

Replace the 200mm fan

  1. Remove 3 screws that hold fan in place (Marked by green in photo)
  2. Remove 200mm  fan
  3. Place new fan in place.

Reverse the order to put it back together.